09 August 2008

Esparto Time Trial

CTL: 119
TSB: -3

Hurt my neck last week so had to raise the bars a bit to compensate. As long as I don't have to use my arms or head I can ride my bike, and it wasn't a factor at Patterson Pass yesterday.

I did this in 2004 on my road bike and managed a 50:41, I think I can do 43:00 on the time trial bike *if* I can go out at a little above threshold.

Not much to write about except after five minutes I couldn't keep pedaling as hard as I wanted to, and thought about just quitting but didn't want to waste the drive out there, so just kept on going. Then on the way back I had trouble just soft pedaling but it turns out there was more wind on the return trip.

On the bright side, I could walk and sit down after the race, probably because of the new saddle. On the down side, this was about twenty percent less power than I have generated for this length of time this year.

T: 44:35
S: 39.7 kph
D: 29.5 km
H: 182
C: 92
Pavg: 233
Pnorm: 237

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