17 August 2008

2008 August 17 Suisun Crit 35+ 3/4/5

CTL: 120
TSB: 4

I feel much better than I did yesterday when I was fresher. Weird.

Signed up for this race because the field size was limited to fifty, and several teammates said they were going to do it. The small field size will make it easier to move up if the urge arises, despite the very short course ( about one minute to do one lap). I would have done the cat four race, too, but that one only ends ten minutes before this one. Decide to put all my eggs in one basket.

None of my teammates makes it. So I am flying solo today. Since I am not much of a sprinter will just have to see if I can make this as hard a race as possible for me, just to get a good workout. I have trouble doing that on a flat course because it's so easy to just suck wheel and fool one self into thinking one is going hard when one is not.

Apparently 1/4 of the field is a no show, and we have to wait ten minutes for some riders that were on the wait list get signed and waivered/lawyered up. Since any warmup benefit has been lost, just decide to go at the gun.

The winner takes off about four or five minutes into the race, and we never see him again.

Have the entire race on video, so enough writing, already!

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

Had fun and got a good workout, lost my concentration for a couple of minutes at the end so no notable results. Next time!

T: 38:30
D: 26.0 km
C: 92
S: 40.6 kph
H: 177

Pnorm:240 ( highest I have ever gone in a flat crit, usually I am too lazy to work this hard )
Pavg: 220


Sufferin' P said...

Some other reference points for ~68kg riders at Suisun:

240w Pavg, Cat 3, sitting in
265w Pavg, 35+ 1/2/3, few short moves + covering the front
320w Pavg, 35+ 1/2/3, 2 man winning break

Wonder what Wohlberg did in the P1/2? ;)

Steven Woo said...

Thanks for sharing!

I weighed a little less at 64 kg.