05 June 2005

Dunlap Memorial TT

I got to put to use the time spent on Larry Nolan's long form Thursday nights points races to good use as I rode a fixed gear pursuit bike in a long, flattish road time trial. Forgot to put on those aero shoe covers and lost my cell phone but at least my time was five minutes better than last year on the road bike with aerobars and similar wheels. Neglected to remove the padding on the aerobars before placing atop my friend's car so when we got there I had no padding for the aerobars, the pads long since flown off, oops. Fortunately he had a lot of duct tape and I fashioned some pads out of duct tape to place on the aerobars. Was a bit conservative in the corners because I was riding a fixed gear. The parts where the cadence drops to the 80's are headwind sections, and cadence over 100 are either slight downhills or tail wind sections.

HED 60 in front, disk wheel in back.

S:24.2 measured with SRM.
S:24.8 calculated from time.
Measured distance is 20.8 and the distance was supposed to be 34.3km or 21.3 miles. The tire on the disk wheel is smaller than the clincher I am using on the H3.

Last year I average 215 watts in 56 minutes and change. Taking into account the 3% or so drivetrain losses due to measurement at the hub with a PowerTap versus measuring at the crank with SRM still increased power by at least 5% over last year.

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Steve R said...

Nice move up compared to last year. Based on this years times it moves you from 20th to 9th.