14 June 2005

Friday night racing 17 June

Installed 165 crankarms on the SRM
Hed 3 front and back
71 kg
Races felt easier with field size of 13 versus 22 last week, plus Matt upgraded out and Mendonca, Pelaez and Del Valle were in Reno but no results to speak of.
Afterwards my legs felt great but not breathing so great

10 lap scratch
Ben went with about two to go, chase caught him, held back and came in 6th just behind him.
P: 258
H: 178
S: 24.2
C: 92

6 lap win and out
off the front for three laps and back in and out
T: 3:55
P: 323
H: 185
S: 25.9
C: 101

Miss and out
off the front for three laps and straight out the back
T: 2:27
P: 357
H: 185
S: 24.2
C: 95

15 laps points race
got caught behind a gapped rider and chased for 11 laps with Dick and Hilary
T: 7:26
P: 288
H: 189
S: 25.7
C: 101

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