11 June 2005

Fremont Crit

Apparently lost inhaler, oh well, won't try any breakaways today
35+ 4/5 crit
race a bit short of 40 minutes at 35
25/75 (I know I beat Juan Ortiz and this is the only place above him not picked.:))
Usual sketchiness
Former LGBRC Eric Bustos got second.
Heart rate indicates maybe the track racing on Friday was harder than I thought it was
Knee felt pretty good, though, after hurting on the drive over
I thought I was at my limit during the last lap but looking at the data I had a lot more to give. Need to ignore those signals next time or maybe it's the EIA...
P:883 Watts max
P:188 Watts avg
S:26.6 avg
H:169 avg
C:83 rpm
71 kg

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