26 June 2005

Burlingame 35+ 4/5 crit

NP 218.7
TSS 56.3
IF .93
P: 192
S: 25.8
C: 75 (spent a lot of time coasting through corners.)
71 kg
No HR data, not enough sweat, cool for most of the race.
Started from the back for a change, moved up the mid thirties and stayed there until five to go. Lost a bit of ground to guys who would pass and go very slow through the corners and kept going back and forth with them.
Left way too much in the tank, should have moved up with two laps to go but thought I should try it the next lap, coulda, woulda , shoulda. Stopped sprinting when I could see about fifty guys ahead of me in the final straight and some some squirreliness. At least I beat Juan Ortiz. :)

This was a full mph slower than last year, quite a bit windier today.

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