10 June 2005

June 10 Friday night racing

3's omnium, 22 racers
H3 clinchers front and rear
forgot my asthma inhaler, doh
at least my knee felt pretty good afterwards
dropped like a rock in most of the races
71 kg

10 lap scratch
T: 5:05
H: 183
P: 262
S: 27.2
C: 105

7 lap win and out (took a flyer and stayed out there for first three laps)
T: 3:45
H: 191
P: 306
S: 25.5
C: 99

15 laps points race (caught behind someone who was only planning on warming up, doh)
T: 6:51
H: 189
P: 266
S: 25.9
C: 102

Didn't get the miss and out. Not sure why this was not recorded. Lasted three laps.

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