29 July 2005

29 July Friday Night Racing

Elite 3
Peak flow 525
71 kg
Hed 3 clincher front and rear

Heart rate strap broke right when I attempted to put it on so no HR data.
Teammates - Paul Mircik, Ben Dodge, Steve McFarland, plus Vance Sprock in the 40+ and Matt Mosby in the P12's. Strongmen AJ Medonca and Douglas Northcutt upgraded to the P12 group so would be interesting to see what the dynamic of the group would be. Pritpal Singh raced with the A's last year but did not have enough points to upgrade to 2 and slummed with us in the 3's for tonight. He said he was using 49x15 which I thought was amazing because he puts in these really hard attacks that are difficult to follow. He thought I should go lower as well. Maybe next time... Funny enough Keith Rabbin was using 49x15 and switched to 50x15 after a couple of races because he felt he couldn't keep up when the group went really hard for the final sprint.

12 lap scratch
Group was going slow from the gun so tried to slowly ramp up the speed in the sprinters' lane underneath the group. Looked behind and had a small gap and punched it but tried not to blow up after the jump. After five laps, I could hear some riders behind me, wasn't sure if it was the whole group or not so for some reason managed to razor them for a lap. It was Dave Keefe and Brad Goodson and they had bridged without bringing any one else. I pulled up and Brad punched it and gapped us. At this point I was feeling the effort and when I pulled up and Dave went hard to catch his teammate I didn't think I could make it up, plus I figured the group would reel in two teammates. This happened during the last lap and I finished with the group.
T: 6:04
P: 272
S: 25.0
C: 96

6 lap to win and out
T: 3:05
P: 332
S: 26.1
C: 99.8
I knew the race would only take about three minutes (six laps times 30 seconds) so I thought I could go hard from the gun and if they let me stay out there the same amount of time as the first race it might work. I again eased up to the front via the sprinter's lane (since most guys wanted to go high and try to use the banking to accelerate when someone attacked) and went hard after we got the whistle to start racing. I managed three laps solo and had about a third of a lap lead when I could see someone bridging up, George Meilahn. We worked together till the end and got up to half a lap lead, I led out the last lap and didn't really sprint but neither did George so I got first and George got second by a good 75 meters and he had time to celebrate! My teammates said they did not really block but they also did not chase and no one else was interested in chasing.

Miss and out
T: 1:05
P: 359
S: 24.1
C: 92.3
After a long break was going to try to be the devil but ran out of room on the first lap. Doh. Paul led the group out for seven laps and was the sixth person to last person eliminated so he didn't get any points for his effort. He did win the overall for the night so that was good.

20 lap points race every 5 laps
T: 10:24
P: 278
S: 26.5
C: 101
This was hard after five laps and did not let up for the rest of the race. Got gapped with Kelly Bartholomew, Steve McFarland, Steven Wu, and Paul Mircik. Paul was able to get back in touch and the rest of us dangled about 50 meters back for fifteen laps. One thing I need to do is try to be more aggressive and bridge up solo because at one point every one just slowed down and I hesitated and had to backpedal hard instead of just going for it.

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