01 July 2005

1 July Friday Night track at Hellyer

50x15 - this weeks races were faster than last week for some reason with a slightly smaller field - combined 3's/masters/women.
H3 clinchers front and back
Peak flow max was 475 this week.
72 kg
My knee did not hurt afterwards for the first time in a few months so that is a good sign.

Took me about 11 laps to get close to the front so I could sprint somewhere way out of the points at the end. Only four people scored points so whoever finished best in the sprint other than these four people would be placed fifth. Amazingly enough, that was me.
12 lap point a lap
T: 5:31
P: 308
H: 187
S: 29.1 avg
C: 112 avg

8 lap scratch
T: 3:39
P: 310
H: 191
S: 28.3
C: 107

Jumped with Alden at the start and we only managed to string out everyone. After that just sucked wheel til the end, sprinted for eighth or ninth place. :)
8 lap win and out
T: 4:11
P: 320
H: 188
S: 27.2
C: 105
Played the devil for four laps, thought I was pulled - didn't hear anything but I was last but apparently it was a neutral lap so I sort of chased for a lap and then was pulled. Weirdly this is the best I've done in a while in a miss and out.
Miss and out
T: 3:48
P: 323
H: 187
S: 26.5
C: 102


compact_frame said...

It was really fast because I was on a strength week and had to bring my biggest gear. That meant I had to turn it over, sorry steve....

Steven Woo said...

I'm not sorry it was fast, just wondering why it was faster this week versus the previous week.