08 July 2005

08 July 2005 Burbank Memorial

71 kg
Not a whole lot of racing due to weird format. Next time I'll do the 35+ and the 123's.

10 lap scratch led for a bit, faded back, led for a bit, an attack went, we caught it except for one person, and then everyone else gave up and was content to follow me until the last lap for some reason.
T: 4:58
P: 305
H: 183
S: 25.9
C: 100

unknown distance
4 laps, hung in back, couldn't pass anyone because too much traffic
T: 2:18
P: 346
H: 186
S: 27.3
C: 105

miss and out
no data recorded, out pretty quick

10 lap handicap - four folks started in turn four, the rest of us started on the line, got in a paceline of five including Dean Haraguchi(!), by the end Don Langley got within a quarter lap and I got within a half lap of them except for Joe Fineman but too much ground to make up since they had help in the scratch group. Handicapped myself by going too high on one exchange and then foolishly overlapping Dean's rear wheel when he gave up and having to go up track. Doh.
T: 4:32
P: 321
H: 187
S: 27.1
C: 104

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