22 July 2005

22 July Friday Night Racing

My prerace meal for this included an appetizer of two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a rich slice of chocolate cake so I hoped to do well so I could continue this diet.

Elite 3 separate from the Masters/Women
71 kg
peak flow 500

10 lap scratch
Surging now and then and finally a group of four got up the road. I was sixth behind Kelsey and saw teammate Paul Mircik up the road so I just drafted Kelsey. I could see behind us the pack was gapped slightly and strung out. Finally with two to go Douglas Northcutt attacked out of the pack to the front four. At this point I didn't think we would catch them so I took the opportunity to sprint for a spectacular fifth place.

7 laps to win and out
I still was feeling either the first race or the ice cream and my stomach was a bit queasy. A few riders went early but with about two laps to go some came back and some caught on and five riders were strung out in front of me for about fifty meters and one of them was Paul and I looked back and saw the pack strung out behind me. I decided against pulling the pack up to them for the five places and pulled up track to see if the rest of the riders would be able to pull even. I think two riders made it up, but two other riders fell back so it was a wash. I just finished way behind the 345 sprint.

Miss and out
Eleven started. Douglas and Andy pulled the pack around side by side and Kelsey followed and I wheelsucked behind Kelsey and this gapped the pack for a while eliminating four riders. Jared was able to make it up to us and in the pole, at this point I went up track to box him in and was able to eliminate him to cut the field down to six. This left me just behind Douglas so I had to try to outsprint him for fifth place and I did not have another sprint in my legs, waited a bit long for that one, too.

15 lap every 3 laps points race
Pack strung out again by the usual suspects. I could see Paul ahead of me and decided against pulling anyone up to the minipack and let other riders try to catch up. This continued for most of the race as we chased and got within twenty meters where Pritpal was able to close the gap solo but the rest of us never got closer than that for the rest of the race.

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