15 July 2005

15 July 2005 Newman's Own Organics track omnium

71 kg
H3 clinchers
460 peak flow
10 lap scratch 35+
Someone pulled the pack for three laps so I just followed. When they pulled up, no one else pulled through I just kept going in the sprinter's lane, not really attacking, got a third of a lap gap and stayed out there for three laps when a couple of guys bridged up and we stayed away for three more laps and were caught about a lap and a half before the end and finished sixth or seventh.
T: 4:09
P: 332
H: 187
S: 27.7
C: 106

10 lap point a lap
Right after the scratch race was the only P123 race I wanted to do. Unfortunately there were only six of us that decided to do this race so no hiding. A couple of pro road riders and a couple of road twos, a three and me. Had not recovered enough from the previous race and got dropped after six and just soloed in for the track time.
T: 4:19
P: 260
H: 186
S: 26.4
C: 102

Masters Miss and Out
Some how actually eliminated two people. Thought I didn't try very hard but the data says otherwise.
T: 1:29
P: 396
H: 191
S: 27.8
C: 107

Masters 25 Lap Lotto
Group stayed together for six laps then someone decided they wanted to pull for half a lap and then slow to about fifteen in the sprinters lane and block. About ten people got stuck behind this person so we had to spend seventeen laps bridging, most of the work done by Yokota, Pritpal and Pallin. Caught and got dropped on the next lap. Doh.
T: 11:58
P: 258
H: 189
S: 26.2
C: 100

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