23 July 2005

23 July Corporate Crit

L shaped flat crit. Main difficulty is that some riders in field try to pass on the outside during corners when the entire field moves to the outside, forcing a lot of braking. Also, the lead riders typically took some poor lines for the pack. Average heart rate kind of low for both races. Probably not recovered from the track race last night. But power was about right for a flat crit.

71 kg
NP 186
TSS 123
IF .77

Didn't feel that great during this race, realized forgot to use inhaler. Anyways ran into Richard Perkins from Pen Velo and Jason D from Sierra (4th?) and John (?) from EMC. Thomas Oelsner and David Porter were racing from LGBRC. I just tried to sit on Thomas' wheel. With a few to go, David tried a flyer and stayed away until one lap to go. I was so far back in the last lap I didn't bother sprinting.
4/5 race
field 40
T: 38:01
H: 166
P: 184
S: 25.8
C: 78

P: 833 max

30+ 4/5 race
field 42
This race had teammates Rob Jensen, Thomas Oelsner, David Porter, Gene Rayner, Chris Tanner. Friend and arch nemesis Juan Ortiz showed up, having done really well at Lafayette Crit and convinced me to try it next year.
Since I didn't have any punch in the legs in the first race just thought I'd fool around in this one. We had a bunch of sprinters so when some guys went off and nobody looked interested in chasing I jumped out of the pack up to them, after half a lap the other two were pretty dead by this point and not pulling that hard. The pack caught us by the start of the next lap. Then just sat in waiting for the sprint. At one point Juan passed me in the bunch so I was worried about my position but he came back to me slowly. A couple of times riders would jump to the head of the pack but I did not have the snap in the legs to go up with them. About half way through my calves started to cramp up. In the last two laps the speed ramped up dramatically. What was happening was Rob was leading out Thomas and Chris with everything he had. I clung to the back of the pack right until after the last corner and accelerated a bit until saw about twenty guys ahead of me and my calves cramped really hard so soft pedaled in, expecting Juan to pass me but no luck so in the race within the race I beat Juan! :) Richard had a nice finishing kick to move pass me, though. A Team Spine rider I see all the time offered the helpful advice to try splashing cold water on the calves to ease up the cramps, and the evergreen drink for two days prior to race until your urine is clear, use Enduralytes or equivalent. I used one between races and ate a banana but will have to up the dosage to two next time. Cramped in second race at Hanford earlier this year but it was 65 degrees that day IIRC.
P:983 max when starting the bridge to breakaway
S:35.1 max

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