31 July 2005

Ed Steffani Memorial

velocity deep front and back
peak flow 525
pretty hot and no allergy symptoms so I skipped the inhaler
temperature in the shade 94
temperature on the track 105
Position of the speed sensor in the rear is optimized for the 50x15 gearing, should have moved it but forgot, so a few dropouts in data for speed.

mixed field of about twelve riders

flying one lap

For some reason I can go harder with other riders in front of me on the track, only 5s peaked at about 875 here and went to about 975 in the 3 lap scratch. Either that or I need to sprint once during my ten minute warmup.

duration of effort, not the one lap
T: 35.5
P: 595
S: 29.3
C: 121

elite 3 three lap scratch
Went for it at the 200 meter line with one lap to go, made a newbie mistake and pulled up on turn four on the last lap when looking back and Scott King scooted by easily underneath. Did not count the first lap or so when the three of us played the match sprint game.
T: 1:00
P: 465
S: 26.6
C: 110

10 lap something - got dropped and lapped I think
T: 5:13
P: 221
S: 22.7
C: 93

10 lap point a lap - masters, this was only four of us and the first two sprints, Scott King went on a short break of about twenty meters while the rest of us geezers looked at each other. He pulled up and I went tempo underneath. I thought I had it easily but then Scott started ramping it up on my right shoulder so I had to give a really good effort, then figured I'd already spent myself, might as well continue. On the next lap Scott surprised me by coming underneath on the blue band, I guess he may have boxed himself in, not sure. Then he wanted to continue but that first sprint killed me as I just tried to draft the rest of the race.
T: 4:54
P: 248
S: 24.2
C: 100

15 lap points race, Steve jumped out on the first lap and George, Richard and I looked at each other. Steve got within about 20 meters but could not close the gap to get the lap. George and Richard worked together to chase him down and leave him hanging out there while I barely hung on, finally George put in a hard effort and dropped Richard and I. George caught Steve on the last lap but Steve won every sprint before that so it did not matter.
T: 7:37
P: 221
S: 24.0
C: 99

6 lap something - unknown distance, Jun was out front about 50 meters ahead when the bell rang for the group so he won easily. Steve McFarland and I both jumped as we approached the 200 meter line and Steve nipped me at the finish line.
T: 2:40
P: 277
S: 23.7
C: 99

Miss and out 4th, played the devil while Jun and Steve set tempo on the front.
T: 3:08
P: 261
S: 24.3
C: 102

10 lap handicap, got in handicap group, had nothing left after three laps so dropped out of group and just finished.
T: 5:37
P: 232
S: 22.5
C: 92

Australian Pursuit
George Meilahn was about three poles behind me and Brian was in front of me. I did not want to assist George too much so when he caught me I tried accelerating with what I had left a few times and he got tired of that and passed me. :)
T: 1:31
P: 279
S: 23.3
C: 96

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