12 August 2005

12 August 2005 Friday night racing

Haven't ridden much this week so it's a taper! Teammates: Paul Mircik in the 3's, Jim Ryan in the P12's. Only one master and one woman showed up so they folded them in with the 3's, this meant a much shorter rest some times between races. I tried to be a bit conservative and follow moves this time and it was boring just responding to attacks. So next week back to Woo mode and attack, attack, and attack..

peak flow 550
70 kg
8 lap to win and out
Tried to roll off the front again at the start but no one was having any of that so I pulled up after a lap and half and George Meilahn attacked and I got on his wheel. He pulled up after about a lap when he saw the rest of us and after a short pause he attacked again, this time I let the pack catch him but left me in bad position for the rest of the race as the stronger riders rode up the track.
6th of 10?
T: 4:59
P: 300
S: 26.4
C: 101

They did the kids race after the win and out then we had to do this immediately after the kids finished.
This became a race of attrition and only six of us finished with the three strongest riders, Brian Peterson, Paul Mircik and Eric Balfus taking two laps! out of me. I rode solo for most of the race as did George and Emily ahead of me.
25 lap points race
6th of 10
T: 11:06
P: 249
S: 24.8
C: 95

Same as last week - Eric went hard in the pole and I used the banking to get ahead of him. I led it out for two laps and mistakenly thought Eric out of the pole was trying to crowd me out of the lane and I responded by going as far as I thought legal towards the sprinters line but he said I went out of the lane - doh, my bad. So I backed off after he said that and I unfortunately was too nice as this let two other riders ahead of me in the lane. Afterwards he said he was just trying to ride my hip to hold off the other riders. One second of lost concentration sure does hurt in this race. So only eliminated two riders before I was out.
Miss and out
7 of 9
T: 1:34
P: 392
S: 27.9
C: 107

15lap scratch
Five lead riders eventually gapped Emily and I. She was able to help a bit and we were able to catch them three times and get dropped by them three times. The fourth time we were catching them it was two to go, and I wanted to attack but I was so worn out I could barely manage a paltry jump at the 1 3/4 lap to go mark.
6 of 8
T: 7:29
P: 294
S: 25.4
C: 97

They held the Elite women's points championship race. Only one woman showed up so they started the race and she got on the start line and automatically won.

Elite points race champs for fun
Stayed safely off the back and could not keep up when the pack speed reached 31 mph so I just dropped out.

T: 2:13
P: 275
S: 26.4
C: 99

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