18 August 2005

18 August 2005 Friday Night Racing

70 kg
peak flow 525
teammates: Paul Mircik, Jun Aishima, Vance Sprock in the 3's/masters, Claire Sprock in the junior division

12 lap scratch 5/11
Took a few turns at the front to keep the pace high and with two to go was thinking of attacking when Jun took off. Then waited at the front for someone to attack and John went and I got on his wheel. He lasted a really long time but faded and Dick went with 3/4 of a lap and probably should have gone with him but did not want to risk bringing anybody with me so waited until mid turn three, looked between my legs and saw someone behind me and jumped around John to take fifth.

T: 6:31
P: 269
S: 24.9
C: 96
6 lap to win and out 6/12
Kim LaFleur put in a jump from the pole at the whistle and I just got on her wheel and followed for two laps, then I pulled for a lap when she pulled up. Paul and John and one went hard with two to go and strung the rest of us out, I got gapped and watched the sprint for 2nd from about 50 meters back and followed Kelly until turn three/four and jumped to try to catch fifth but ran out of room.
T: 4:00
P: 332
S: 26.7
C: 103
miss and out - first rider out, doh, need to move out of sprinters lane when in there behind someone ... Just feels so easy following someone sometimes and was blocked from my initial plan of attacking at the gun. I was called out first but did not hear my name as I was concentrating so hard on not crashing into the riders in front and next to me as I sprinted. This made the race one lap longer than it needed to be for the rest of the guys.

The flying 200 meter time trials made the race night run a bit long so our much anticipated 30 lap points race got cancelled. :( If I had known that was going to happen I would have tried to get in the P12 50 lap points race!

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