13 August 2005

Track Districts - Master Kilo TT and Master Match Sprints

Teammates : Kevin Worley Rob Jensen and Chris Tanner in different age groups.
peak flow:550
70 kg
Very cool and overcast at 9:00 AM when I got to the track, 90's by the end of the day when I locked the gates at 4:00 PM. The racing started at 10:00 AM and there were already thirty cars in the parking lot as many riders decided to get a long warmup and prime parking spots. Windy at start of day, winds died down as day wore on. One thing I noticed right away is that almost no one that was here today was here racing twelve hours earlier on Friday night except me, Elliot Logan ( who had to leave early on Friday ) and Steve Pelaez. I suppose if this was a priority for me, I would have rested on Friday instead of racing but I'd rather race at the track than rest. Steve Pelaez showed up just in time to register and I loaned him my H3 backup wheel for his two Kilo TT's. He got second in the Elites and first in the 30-34 so I would like to take a little credit for that. :)
Thirty six miles on the fixed gear in six hours at the track.

About 11:30 AM
Kilometer TT:
H3 front, Velocity Deep rear 50x15, 170mm crank arms, broke out the aero Louis Garneau helmet I got from Cupertino bike. Used dedicated pursuit bike for this with dedicated aerobars, first time I have done that on the track. Flatted the rear disk two minutes before start, had to change cogs and wheels (note to self, leave a racing cog on the training/backup wheel just in case) forgot to move SRM rear sensor when I changed wheels, so no SRM data! I was riding the trainer to warmup but was getting really bored, so I decided to take a few easy laps on the rough apron. I managed to get a cut in my tubular in the last 100 meters that made a 2mm cut in the center of the tread. I only use the wheel three or four times a year and I managed to get a flat and can't use this tomorrow as I don't want to ride a tire with glue only twelve hours dry. This is why I love tubulars... So I removed the disk, removed the 15 cog from the disk, removed the lockring and 16 cog from my training wheel, seated the 15 cog on my training wheel, then seated the lockring and tightened the rear wheel so no slippage there and rezeroed the SRM, but neglected to see if the wheel speed pickup was correctly adjusted. I have my SRM set to autostart if speed and cadence are nonzero so I had cadence but no speed. The main downside of using a rear speed pickup on a track bike - have to make sure the magnet is in the same place on each wheel and use the same gearing all the time or have to move the rear speed pickup.

Slowest kilo ever, but one official told me I had a very fast first lap (maybe it was the fast looking equipment) and really slow last lap. 1:24 and change. Started wheezing in turn three of lap two and lost my concentration, should have just forced myself to push hard.
Previously have done 1:23.something, 1:22.51, and 1:20( with a 38 500 start at ADT)

After watching the rest of the kilos and skipping lunch we went into the Masters Match Sprint Tournament with every rider doing a Flying 200 Meter Time Trial to seed the heats. No women signed up so it was all boys for the rest of the day. This started at around 12:30PM

Flying 200 Meter Time Trial
H3 front and rear clinchers
165 crank arms
It started getting really hot and Rob and Chris offered to share their shade with me. Thanks guys. Plus I got to hear their take on the different sprints and how to do the flying 200.
I got a personal best time, previous best was 13.80. I thought I started a bit late in turn two and Rob Jenson confirmed this and advised me to start sooner. So next time I have to step on the gas mid turn one or sooner and see what happens. It's encouraging to know that I have plenty of room to improve here just by changing the timing and technique a little bit - and several of my efforts in the match sprints were 33% higher than my effort in this flying 200. I watched Don Langley (masters world record holder and today's fastest rider) and he took the whole backstretch to dive from turn two at the rail to turn three in the lane en route to an 11.7.
200 Meter Time: 13.55
T: 26.0
P: 643
S: 30.1
C: 115

Four of us in the 35-39 match sprints. I was seeded third so I faced second seed Pritpal Singh. Heat one I had to lead out the first half lap. I forgot what happened for the next lap. At this point in lap two, Pritpal had jumped and I was on his wheel but it seemed he was going very slow. He was razoring me and I probably should have drafted longer but by the middle of turn three I jumped out from behind him and gave him about four feet as I wanted to be out of reach of Captain Hook. Unfortunately for me he turned it on at that point and we had a drag race to the end without any change in distance between me and him - my front wheel even with his rear wheel. Maxed out at 34.5, eased up at the end when I ran out of room to overtake him.
T: 22.5
P: 726
S: 30.8
C: 118

Heat 2 versus Pritpal. This time Pritpal lead out the whole way. This time I jumped early in turn four on lap one. He told me I had three bike lengths on him until turn four of lap two and I must have died or he really turned on the gas to pass me. If I had done this effort in the 200 I would have gotten a much better time... Only maxed out at 33.5 and slowed to 32.3 by the line.
T: 27.5
P: 788
S: 31.1
C: 119

Now I got to race against Keith Rabbin for 3rd and 4th. Our 200 meter times were pretty close. I led out Keith for half a lap then I forced him to pass me. I watched him as we were riding slowly and waited until he looked forward in the last lap and jumped in between turns one and tow but he managed to nip me at the line by a few inches. Maxed out at 34.5 again.
T: 19.5
P: 869
S: 30.1
C: 114

Heat two versus Keith, he led me out initially. This time we rode slowly until the last lap and he jumped first in about the same place and I got on his wheel. In between turns three and four I stood up to accelerate and for some reason he started moving out of the lane so I had to slow a bit but I wanted to pass him then he continued drifting all the way to the stayers line so I had to give up at that point because I wasn't sure where he was going to stop so Keith got relegated and we got to do a third match sprint. Looking at the data, I'm sad he drifted up track cause I have my fastest recorded data so far on the track at 35.4 mph before I had to slow down.
T: 18.5
P: 838
S: 31.7
C: 120

Keith led out, then at the halfway lap point I passed him and worked on pinning him to the wall. This time we went very slowly until turn two of the last lap and
we drag raced from 150 meters out, his initial jump was better than mine and I held back way too much. He was able to get to the lane before me and pulled out and I stayed in the lane and was able to pull even with his seat but ran out of room. What's really interesting is I got to 35.1 mph and we only sprinted for a very short time.
T: 16.5
P: 873
S: 31.6
C: 120

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