07 August 2005

Timpani Crit 35+ 4/5

70 kg
Peak flow 450
Windy and very hot
Worked beforehand as course marshal and had to skip lunch and get straight on the bike to warm up.
Teammates: Thomas Oelsner, Chris Pearson, Rob Jensen, Jeff Vadasz, Gene Regan, Chris Tanner
Friendly rivals: Raymund Alvarez, Eric Peterson (not the promoter/official!), Juan Ortiz

Followed an attack at the start of the race, stayed out there for five minutes or two and half laps with six other guys. The McGuire guy was really strong but not very good at pacelining, when my turn came up he insisted on riding so hard that I could not pass him. The next time, he cut me off in one of the corners and then someone had to nerve to ask why I was not pulling... Up to this point the race was like a mini track race for me: T:5:25 P:255, C:95. Eased up and latched on the back of the group, we caught them shortly afterwards. Struggled to hang onto the back of the pack. Eventually saw Dean Haraguchi and Keith Rabbin from the track and then Juan Ortiz passed me. I thought about quitting but then I did not want to have my winning streak against Juan broken. With two or three to go I was planning on passing a particularly slow cornering guy who had a broken spoke on his rear wheel on turn two when he braked even more than the previous time and I missed his rear wheel by about two inches - this brought an exclamation from someone behind me - sorry! I saw Eric Peterson jump off the front with about two to go but he got caught but still finished in the top twenty. On the last lap I was about forty riders back from the front. There was one point between turns 2 and 3 there was an opening on the outside to move up but after I stuck my nose in the wind I hesitated. Probably should have just gone for it then just for the heck of it. In the final sprint was doing well but could still see about twenty riders ahead of me and a rider was drifting into my line so I gave up about thirty yards short of the line. At least Juan motivated me to go hard in the last lap, but I thought he was ahead of me and it turned out to be his teammate.

Looking at the chart, the speed when we were off the front versus the speed in the pack afterwards isn't much different.

NP 211
TSS 54
IF .90
Pavg 183
Pmax 921
VMax 35.5
PAvg 26.3
C Avg 80

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