05 August 2005

5 August 2005 Friday Night breaking away

H3 clincher
450 peak flow
70 kg
Changed warm up a bit to put in a hard effort, also recorded it. Felt good the first race but such a short rest after the second felt bad during the start of the second. Teammates - Jim Ryan in the P12, Kevin Worley in the Match Sprint and Olympic Sprint, and Paul Mircik and Steve McFarland in the 3's.

12 Lap Scratch
T: 5:47
P: 297
S: 26.4
C: 101
Set the pace early, no one seemed interested in working when I pulled up after two laps so I attacked from the front and after being chased down again I kept the pace up and finally Elliot attacked and when I saw none of my teammates going, I went after him, but the initial jump was not hard enough to shake anybody but it cut his lead down in half. Now I just rotated to the back of the group and could not keep up with the last surge.

8 Lap to Win and out
T: 5:14
P: 290
S: 25.9
C: 99
Started off slowly and the speed ramped up for four laps. I felt we had eased up a tiny bit and was about to attack when the X-men rider attacked. I jumped anyways but did not make a dent in his lead so pulled up after a lap. I got back into fifth position where I potentially could place. Paul was able to put in a nice attack to nab second. Steve McFarland was duking it out with Pritpal for third then pulled up and looked like he was giving up so I yelled at him to get on my wheel. I think we finished fourth and fifth.

20 Lap points race, sprint every five
T: 9:51
P: 276
S: 25.8
C: 99
Got gapped after four, Marc Franklin took a monster pull and almost brought us back. At this point I felt bad about attacking and closing the gap solo but after pulling the chase group for a lap, one rider attacked me and got up there barely. I gave up after that but Marc and a group of five others caught me and we worked together just to stay even on laps with the lead group.

Miss and out, 13 riders
T: 2:31
P: 344
S: 27.6
C: 105
Decided just to attack at the gun, see what happened. The X-Men rider had the same plan but he was in the sprinters' lane and I was up track so I was able to use the banking to aid me in passing him. After two laps the X-Men rider came into the lane above me and while I was trying to figure out what the heck he was doing Pritpal managed to hook me and drive me into the blue band, next time I am just going to hold my ground. ( I have a new nickname for him, Captain Hook.:) ) This made me lose my concentration and I said a bad word but Paul was behind me and counseled me to keep on going and I didn't want to make Paul get gapped so I pushed on and we dropped two more riders and I heard the sound of rubber on concrete as someone was accelerating past and it was Paul. I think I was the seventh rider eliminated as I could not motivate myself to get up sprint.

Got to help judge the championship scratch race. Pack of about thirty riders, a few breakaways, one almost lapped the field but the teammate of one of the breakaways brought them back! Don Langley made a late bid with less than fifteen laps to go. With three to go Giovanni Rey attacked out of the group and won with room to spare with James Hibbard and Larry Nolan coming in for the other medals.

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