13 August 2005

Track Districts - Masters 3K Individual Pursuit and Masters Points Race

Teammates: Jun Aishima - not racing but helping hold riders, do lap cards and starter duties on the backstretch. I encouraged him to try the 30-34 masters points race later in the day but he said he was not feeling very fast. If I let a little thing like that stop me, I would never race. :) And if he had raced, the minimum he would have gotten is a silver medal!

My preparation for today was skipping lunch yesterday, one margarita, one cosmopolitan( hello Sex and the City ), one glass of wine with dinner, and an after meal apertif of a *trainwreck*, vodka filtered through lychee and pineapples. Then I felt ready to race. Thank you, newly forty year old teammate Jeff and POSSLQ Diane!

Most of the women's fields consisted of zero to three riders. This meant they all medaled. I'm not complaining as I got a couple of medals last year when only one other rider showed up for the 35-39 match sprint and two other riders showed up for the 35-39 points race. This year we had four riders for the former and six for the latter. Attendance is spotty at track districts from year to year so sometimes the field may be competitive or sometimes no one bothers to show up, but ladies missed some golden opportunities to win medals or championships.

peak flow 520
very windy in the morning, calm by afternoon

H3 front and rear
LG Rocket aero helmet

3K individual pursuit 35-39.
I signed in at 9 AM and prepared myself for a lot of miles on the trainer to warmup. There were a lot of heats so I did not do my heat until 11:30 AM. I got to ride with Tom Fahey on the back side so it would be a contest to see how long I could hold him off. This turned out to be five laps. Started wheezing with three laps to go but just pedaled through it and coughed for about an hour afterward. Should have pushed harder into the headwind on the backstretch and in turn three and four and floated with the tailwind. This power output matches some of my efforts during mass start track races but should be able to do better for a one off event like this. Next year. My speed dropped to the average at the 1:20 mark and steadily dropped afterwards. I can do a faster start but not sure if it may be better to do a slower start and have more in reserve to bring up the later lap times. (edit: several people have recommended that I start much easier and the maximum speed one should reach should be the average speed one wishes to have for the entire distance.) The way the SRM measures data requires a complete pedal revolution so this means the first bit of power data is missing but the speed and cadence are recorded.

T: 4:24 - A new personal best (I did this once before and blew up even worse)
P: 325
S: 25.4
C: 97

I went out to get a burrito at a dive called Gabby's that Matt Martinez recommended on Senter near Hellyer, greasy but filling and less than six dollars for a burrito. I held riders for the Team Pursuits and got good advice from Harvey Nitz, Mike Hardaway and Leo Menostrina on improving my technique for holding for standing starts.

Masters Championship Points race, 60 laps,sprints every six
H3 front and rear clinchers
165 crankarms
This race started at about 3:30 PM. A slow speed crash in the 50 and over/combined women points race near the end preceding this race made for a short interruption in activities. Joseph Fineman and another rider went down but neither were hurt seriously and both walked away and I did not see any road rash. Six riders in the 35-39 group combined with all riders under 50 for a total of about twelve riders. I went with a few early moves and did not have the snap to move with the surges of the pack. So I ended up getting lapped three times eventually and just taking pace from other riders as a lapped rider is not able to pull for riders that are not on the same lap. Power output was pretty low, especially relative to 100 lap points races earlier this year, may have been fatigue or the heat but most of the other guys had also done the pursuit in the morning. Nobody showed up for the 45-49 age group race and only Elliot Logan showed up for the 30-34 group race.
60 lap points race
T: 29:55
P: 226
S: 24.4
C: 94

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